Links Loved 09.05.14

Links Loved | House of Clicks


This week on Links Loved:

Etsy Shop
As some of you may know, I have a few quote on photos for sale on Etsy and I haven’t really spent much time since listing the items focusing on actually making sales. Yesterday I read a great post on “How to Stand Out in an Overcrowded Marketplace” from Lisa Jacobs over on the Going Home to Roost blog. I especially liked her ideas about keywords.

Photography Gear
Thinking of upgrading your camera and want to know a little more about the difference between crop and full frame sensors or maybe you just want to know what a sensor is, then here is a very informative post all about it over on MCP Actions.

Photography Client Dilemma
Ok, so this next link comes from a blog I absolutely LOVE, Jasmine Star is an amazing wedding photographer and has some great advice for other photographers, she posts readers questions often and explains what she would do if she was in that situation. This week was all about blogging clients images when they don’t want you to as they weren’t so keen on how they looked in some of the photos. This isn’t something I have experienced before and actually never thought would be a problem so her tips on how to handle this situation would come in very handy if I did happen to experience this some time in the future. Thanks Jasmine!

Have a lovely weekend

Claire x


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