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Links Loved | House of Clicks

I’ve never blogged about videos or articles that I’ve read on the internet before so I thought it was about time I did, as my nephew would say “share, share you must!”.

So here goes, this week I have watched quite a few videos online about photography tips, my 2GB data allowance on my iPhone has gone pretty fast this month but hey I’ve learnt a lot! There is so much great free content out there and I think it’s so nice of people to share their knowledge and experiences for us to learn from so below is a list of some of my favourite links from the past week.

Newborn Photography Tips

Want to learn more about Newborn photography, well Creative Live have some great videos with Kelly Brown here, there are 34 course videos about props, posing, processing and so much more, tempted? read the raving reviews. I received a 3 part mini course in my inbox and have so far watched two of them, it certainly has me hooked! You can watch the freebie on “creating the environment” here.

Maternity, Senior, Wedding, Children and the list continues….

Photovision have unlocked their ENTIRE library of videos until 15th April. They have such a wide variety of content so there is something for everyone. Last night I watched this one about Senior photography, I’ve taken so much away from this, being creative people we learn so much more when we are physically shown something, how to position models is something I still struggle with and watching this was a huge help.


And finally, this ones a long one, the video is about 2hrs BUT totally worth it! If you are new to using speedlights or would like to brush up on your skills or even learn a new technique then this video is for you. Bob Davis talks all about using speedlights and even demonstrates a few set ups, video can be found here.

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know your thoughts if you watch any of these or if you have any videos you wish you share please feel free to let me know in the comments below!



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