Wedding Album & Blurb Review

I recently decided to include wedding albums within my photography packages and have so far used Photobox and Blurb to create these. The first time I used Blurb, I went for the Premium Lustre paper option, although the colours came out perfectly, the quality of the paper was not to my liking, it was rather thin and not a particularly nice finish for a wedding album. The second album I ordered, I went for the ProLine Pearl Photo Paper, this was a much nicer paper, great finish and the next pages images were not visible through the paper either unlike the Premium Lustre! I always go for the Hard Cover ImageWrap option with just an image on the front and blank on the back, I have never tried one image to cover the whole cover or two separate images on back and front so I would love to see some examples if you have any of these (please feel free to leave a link in the comments section below).


I like to start the albums off with a quote, for those of you who know me, I do love a quote as Motivational Monday posts proves 😉


One other great thing about Blurb is the ability to customise your albums and I don’t just mean by the templates they have already created for you, you can actually create your own templates too! For this album my clients had chosen around 90 images for a 40 page album…yes 90! I’ve experienced some clients who prefer to have one image per page and others that are ok to include a few images on a page, this is where your creativity skills come in. Now this was a large wedding so there were many formal shots they wanted to include, I would normally do two to a page for these depending on how many there are but for this couple this would have taken up half the album so I did a few pages of two formals to a page but with the rest I decided to create my own template and fill a double page spread with portraits. I was nervous they would hate this idea but they loved it and I must say I do too!



For those of you interested in seeing some black and white examples on the ProLine Pearl Photo Paper, here you are. As you can see no colour cast problems with black and white.



I downloaded Blurbs app Booksmart to design the album, it’s great if you don’t have such programs as InDesign and even if you do it’s a lot easier to use, it includes guides for “safe zones” and bleeds so no chopping off peoples heads!




It’s always a worry when you try something for the first time and I was nervous whether the colours would match but overall I am very pleased with the results and didn’t experience any colour casts, I would most certainly recommend Blurb.

By the way, if anyone has written any reviews regarding other companies, I’d love to read them as I’m always eager to try something new, especially  if anyone knows a company that does lay flat pages, I am particularly interested to try this.

Hope this was helpful to those of you who were on the fence as to whether to make your own album or try out Blurb. Happy book making!


2 responses to “Wedding Album & Blurb Review

  1. Blub is nice for photo books. I have created a couple before with them and they do the job. But, after our wedding, we wanted a flush mount photo album. We found a company called bridebox that allowed us to create our own flush mount wedding album. the quality was great and it cost about $400 less than what our photographer wanted. Clare, your photos are amazing. I just wanted to share this great company with you

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