Cacti and Succulent Plant Pot DIY – Pinterest Inspired

Due to the wonderful long bank holiday weekend I have been able to get round to potting my cacti and succulents I’ve been collecting over the past two weeks. This all started from a photo I saw on Pinterest and of course the first thing that popped into my head was “I could soooo make that” just like with everything else I see on Pinterest!…I noticed there were not many step by step guides available online for potting your own little cacti garden for the home so here goes:

You will need: a shallow pot, gravel (I used aquarium gravel), cactus compost, either thick gloves or tongs, water and of course the plants themselves!


Fill the bottom of the pot with gravel, around one third of the way, this will be for drainage. Cacti and succulents do not have deep roots so deep soil is not necessary and why a shallow pot is ideal.



Cover with a layer of cactus compost.




Now comes the fun part, put on those gloves or arm yourself with tongs and insert the plants into the compost. It’s ok to place them close to one another, just ensure the plant is at the same level in the compost as it was in the previous container.


Looking good huh?!



Loving these overhead views 😉


Once all your plants are potted, you can top dress with gravel, be sure to use gloves for this or the tongs to protect yourself from those spikes.



Once complete, give them a water, and place in a nice sunny spot! Water about once a month or as and when needed.

Tips on watering cacti: If you lift the pot and it feels lighter than normal, it is time to water your cacti. Second tip I read which is probably the easier to gauge of the two is to place a pencil all the way to the bottom of the soil, if moist soil clings to it, it is not yet time to water. Apparently tap water is not good for cacti and you should try to use collected rainwater instead, if you have no way of collecting rain water, distilled water or tap water that has white vinegar added to it is fine to use.

I’d love to see pics of your newly planted cacti, leave me a link below.


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