More plant buddies

My task for this weekend was to find a pot for the cacti I bought and photographed last week (you can see the pics here) and I was also after some succulents to accompany the cacti, mission was finally accomplished after three garden centre visits and an hour in TX-Maxx! Talking of TX-Maxx, I only popped in to look for a plant pot and came out with an awesome chevron poof, which I had to convince Ben I wanted because it would look awesome in the studio I’ll have once we move but is currently sitting in our living room…hehehe, I also bought a silver tub and blue blanket, both of which I plan to use at my next newborn shoot, cannot wait to share those with you soon.

Right back to my plant purchases, because I have never been very good at keeping plants alive (I kinda forget to water them), I am putting together a cacti and succulent pot, mostly because they look awesome, make great pics and only need to be watered once a month! I’ll post pics of the finished piece next week but for now here are some pics of my recent succulent purchases.



During our wander round the last garden centre of the day, Ben came across a flower that was in a bunch of flowers he bought for me last year, I remember commenting on how it reminded me of coral and how wonderfully unique it was. I thought what the heck I’ll buy one and research how to care for it in the attempt to keep it alive and if that’s not achievable then I’ll always have these photos as a beautiful memory 🙂





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