New Desk Buddies…

I’ve been very eager to get out and take pictures now that Spring is upon us but I spent my Saturday at the car garage, hairdressers, shopping and cocktails with a friend, this meant one thing, Sunday had to be Ben’s day (the BF) seeing as Saturday was all about me so I knew I would not be able to get out and shoot those daffodils I have my eye on!…I recently told Ben he needs to get a hobby, not just due to the fact that I am always doing things and it would mean I could do them in peace 😉 but also because it’s healthy to keep your mind active. So his idea of a hobby was a marine fish tank! …not exactly what I had in mind or how I envisioned spending my Sunday but hey if it keeps him happy, I’m happy. Off to the aquatic/pet shop place we went and to stop myself from purchasing a bunny rabbit or tortoise, I wandered off next door to the garden centre, where I find these lovely little cactuses, now I’ve had my mind set on getting some recently after something I saw on Pinterest (of course) but was unable to find the right pot so for now they are homeless, to cheer them up and myself after a weekend of no shooting I decided to give them a photo shoot.







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