DIY Denim Shirt – Navajo Style

Every now and then I like to get a bit crafty, thanks to the world of Pinterest I am forever inspired to make things myself. I like to create props for photo shoots so hopefully soon I will get around to posting some of those but for now I thought I would share a non photography post with you.

Now I am not the most skill full of sewers so I knew this was going to be a bit of a challenge but with a great amount of determination I gave it a go and must say am thrilled with the results, just a shame it took me nearly two hours but as they say practise makes perfect!

I bought this shirt from H&M last week, I love how it is but there’s nothing quite like making it your own and for some reason I woke up this morning with an urge to add some Navajo magic to it. (Please excuse the shirts desperate need for an iron).


So once I dragged myself up out of bed on this wonderful Bank Holiday Monday, off I went in the search of some Navajo style fabric, when I was about to give up I found this one lurking at the bottom of the pile, just puuuuurfect!


I decided to use this part of the design for the area I wanted to cover.


Now comes the tricky bit (for me anyway), I stenciled onto a piece of paper the section I wanted to add the fabric to, then placed the stencil onto the fabric and cut larger than the area just in case I cut too small, next step was to slightly fold in the edges so you couldn’t see my rough cuts and cut off any excess if needed. Now I have to admit I used a bit of wonder web to hold the fabric in place as I knew if I went straight in for the sewing it would most certainly be a disaster.


After ironing on the wonder web, I sewed around the edges with orange cotton to give it a bit of extra support and of course that lovely homemade feel – Β I have to say that as my sewing leaves a lot to be desired! Anyhow, here is the final result, splendid I’d say πŸ˜‰





5 responses to “DIY Denim Shirt – Navajo Style

  1. A friend of mine bragged to me about your website and I see why they were raving about it. It’s not usual that I take out time to post a comment on blogs but it is honestly so good that you really made me! Keep Up The Great Work πŸ™‚

  2. I love how you accentuated the shoulders. I’m really not a fan of the cut-out-shoulder fad that’s going on right now so this is a nice alternative.

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