Looking Back – India 2006

We have an art show coming up at work so I have been spending my evening looking through thousands of unedited images from over the years trying to make a decision as to which ones to use…far too much choice! It’s always a joy when you come across photos you’ve forgotten about, it’s like seeing them for the first time again. Of course I got distracted and decided to share a few with you.

For now I share with you some images form my first trip to India back in 2006. I was very fortunate to work with the charity Tag Rugby Trust for a few years as their tour photographer. They go on tours a few times a year for 2-3 weeks at a time to teach children in schools how to play tag rugby, so it was my role to document all of this and doing what I love best, photographing people. I would say it was from here that my love for photography truly flourished.

Maybe for my next post I will dig out some of my favourite tag rugby shots. In the meantime, if you’re interested, head on over to http://www.tagrugbytrust.co.uk

Looking Back_TRT

Looking Back_TRT Colour


2 responses to “Looking Back – India 2006

  1. Absolutely incredible photographs. What a journey it must have been to document this. Your blog always leaves me inspired! How did you come to be the photographer for Tag Rugby Trust? I would love to have such an opportunity.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Jennifer! A close friend of my parents is a trustee for TRT and when he knew I was finishing my photography course at University he asked if I’d like to join them on a tour as their photographer. After just one tour I was hooked & ended up doing five in total. It was a truly amazing experience and something I would totally recommend!

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